Geographic Information System (GIS), is a tool used to capture, store, analyse and manage mapping data (also referred to as spatial, location based or geographic information) and associated attributes which are spatially referenced to the earth.

Photomapping utilise an array of advanced GIS software and spatial applications.

More advanced GIS services are regularly used by several government agencies, industries and companies such as

  • 1. Transportation; Road, Rail, Shipping, Ports and Logistics Companies

  • 2. Municipalities, Councils and Local Governments

  • 3. Town Planners, Surveyors, Developers, Builders, and Engineers

  • 4. Water and Drainage, Electricity, Telephone, and Gas Utilities

  • 5. Emergency Services, Police, Health Service Planners

  • 6. Scientists, Environmental Protection and Natural Resource Management

  • 7. Franchise Stores and Restaurants, Marketing Companies