Aerial LiDAR

A LiDAR collection system uses a powerful laser sensor comprised of a transmitter and a receiver, a geodetic-quality Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver, and an Inertial Navigation System (INS) unit. The technology resembles that used by radar sensors by which a device emits energy (focused light) and then measures the time it takes to travel to a target and return to a collector and at the same time compensates for the movement of the aircraft and the sensor.

Aerial LiDAR Scanning for Large-Scale Topographic and As-Built Surveying. With this, we can map large-scale topographies and get substantial and complex outputs as 3D modelling, etc.

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Applications are

  • 1. Agriculture & Forestry

  • 2. Dam & Reservoir

  • 3. Flood Study

  • 4. Railways

  • 5. Mine Site

  • 6. Pipelines

  • 7. Slope Analysis

  • 8. Telecommunication & Urban Planning

  • 9. Transmission Lines